Summer is here

Director’s Note:

Summer is finally here at Harmony Child Care Center, and the children are very excited for our outdoor adventures and classroom explorations!

The children are starting off their summer with some sprinkler fun in the sun with their friends and teachers! The friends are also discussing with one another how, “When the sky is pink that means it’s time to go home!” What an amazing portrayal of a sunset that was described by one of our toddler friends. It’s wonderful to see their thought process bloom right before our eyes!

In the infant room, the teachers are busy helping the children reach their milestones by assisting in walking, crawling, cooing and building relationships with their teachers and peers.

In the toddler room, teachers are introducing new vocabulary words within their stories and activities. They are working on the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the enormous amount of food it eats during their picnic activities. They are even constructing their very own submarine where the toddlers are able extend upon their creativity and imagination.

In the preschool room, the children are learning all about the ocean and its many layers. They are creating their own ocean floor sensory bags, learning about different vocabulary used throughout their circle time activities as well as working on their writing. The preschoolers are also learning new pirate math activities! We are working on Pre-K Readiness in this preschool program to make sure that all the children are ready for what’s ahead of them in Kindergarten!

We hope you all are enjoying your summer just as much as we are here at Harmony Child Care Center! 🙂

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