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Little Stars (Infant Program)

infant roomIn the Infant Room, we are ready to watch your child grow every day. Whether it be learning a new word or taking our first steps we are here to help you learn! We will be learning to use baby sign language to express our wants and needs, getting creative with art and music, exploring the world through math and science, all while having fun and being a little silly.

These first months of life are so amazing and exciting and we want to make sure every child is reaching for the stars and learning every day. Don’t worry there will be plenty of snuggles and laughter along the way! In the Little Stars room, we will learn to shine big and bright!

Super Stars (Toddler Program)

Here at Harmony Child Care Center your toddler will be given opportunities to discover and develop while they learn how to be independent. We will explore this with your child through various activities that include planned and spontaneous learning. In this classroom, we go from diapers to using the potty! Being a toddler is an exciting time; through Art, Science, Math, Language, pretend play, and even a bit of dancing and singing the Superstars will be learning to count, talk, run, identify colors, and explore with their senses. There will be a focus of colors, shapes, numbers, and letters each week.

Toddlers have lots of energy so we are going to work on putting that energy into learning. We will be going outside twice a day and we will be using the outside playground as an extension of our classroom. We will be learning how to play with our friends, sharing, playing games, going down the slide, swinging, and digging in the sandbox.

Being a Toddler is supposed to be fun and that is one of our goals! We look forward to teaching your child and watching them grow to be a Super Star in this toddler program.

Bumblebees (Preschool Program)

preschool programsYour child’s first years of school are filled with many wondrous moments. The skills learned at this age may seem simple, but they will set your child up for success and a lifetime of learning. The children will be developing great learning habits and positive self-esteem. Through group play in our preschool room your child will learn to share, build friendships and learn independence.

Your child will be learning to recognize and name all their uppercase and lowercase letters as well as the sounds they make. They will also learn to recognize and write their own name as well as meaningful words such as; mom, dad, love, etc.

The children in the Bumblebee room will also be focusing on Math and Science. They will be doing this through counting to 10 and higher, learning to recognize the numbers, and counting objects. The children will explore science through hands on experiences in the sensory table as well as experiments.

Motor skills will be explored in the classroom through glue, markers, crayons, scissors, and chalk. The children will also explore outside playing on the playground; swinging, balancing, climbing, and running.

The preschool years allow the children to fall, make mistakes, and move on while learning from those experiences.

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All our staff:
  • Are CPR and First Aid certified.
  • Continually receive training and education.

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