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Happy Summer

Summer is finally here at Harmony Child Care Center, and the children are very excited for our outdoor adventures and classroom explorations! As we enter our summer program we welcome Stephanie “Stevie” McCauliff as our new Assistant Director!

The children are starting off their summer with some sprinkler fun in the sun with their friends and teachers! The friends are also discussing with one another how, “When the sky is pink that means it’s time to go home!” What an amazing portrayal of a sunset that was described by one of our toddler friends. It’s wonderful to see their thought process bloom right before our eyes!

Miss Rosemarie and Miss McKenna, in the infant room, are busy helping the children in their room reach their milestones by assisting in walking, crawling, cooing and building relationships with their teachers and peers.

Miss Stephanie and Miss Desiree, in the toddler room, are working on introducing new vocabulary words within their stories and activities. They are working on the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the enormous amount of food it eats during their picnic activities. They are even constructing their very own submarine where the toddlers are able extend upon their creativity and imagination.

Miss Johanna and Miss Emily, in the preschool room, are learning all about the ocean and its many layers. They are creating their own ocean floor sensory bags, learning about different vocabulary used throughout their circle time activities as well as working on their writing. The preschoolers are also learning new pirate math activities! We are working on Pre-K Readiness in this preschool program to make sure that all the children are ready for what’s ahead of them in Kindergarten!

We hope you all are enjoying your summer just as much as we are here at Harmony Child Care Center! 🙂

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Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung here at Harmony Child Care Center and the teachers are busy teaching the children about signs of spring, growing flowers and blooming trees.

As we approach warmer weather we tend to have the children outside more exploring and playing in nature. I really can see the progress the children are making as they learn and grow and create friendships.

Miss Rosemarie, in the Infant room, is buys with the babies who have become very independent and on the move. She is engaging them
in many learning activities and art projects.

Miss McKenna, in the Toddler room, is busy teaching numbers, letters and colors and how to recognize the sounds the Spring.

Miss Johanna, in the Preschool room, is teaching the children about growing plants with vegetable seeds and flower seeds and keeping track of their growing process and progress.

With all of this learning I am so proud of where Harmony Child Care Center has started and where we will go next!!

The children are our number one priority and we make this a point in everything we plan and don’t plan throughout the day!!

Happy Spring!!!

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Happy February!

Observing our growing center day to day I really enjoy all of the wonderful projects the children get to take part in. A little mess for us at Harmony means a lot of fun has been had! Vacuuming up bird seed, feathers, paper, play dough, and sand just means the children were able to explore something new that day! From the infants splashing water and paint in their own way, to the toddlers creating bird feeders to keep the birds fed this winter, and the preschoolers playing in water that they will freeze and soon investigate how to make it melt makes our program unique because everything is driven by the children’s interests!

Miss Brenna in the Little Stars Room (Infants)

realized some children prefer painting with their feet so she altered her activity to make the children excited and engaged!!

Miss Tiffiny in the Super Stars Room (Toddlers)

created fizzy hearts and had the children explore the bubbling vinegar and baking soda with cookie cutters and their fingers!!

Miss Tammy in the Bumblebees Room (Preschool)

discovered only some children like getting messy so she included paint brushes in her free art activity where the children were encouraged to paint and mix colors and make their own discoveries. They found out blue and yellow make green!!

With all of this learning I am so proud of where Harmony Child Care Center has started and where we will go next!! The children are our number one priority and we make this a point in everything we plan and don’t plan throughout the day!!

Happy Superbowl and Valentines Day!!

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Happy New Year

This year is starting off on a wonderful note! We have new faces and friends to Welcome to our family!! With a New Year comes lots of change and we are ready for it!

Miss Brenna in the Little Stars room has a new friend and new activities for her infants to partake in. There has been lots of sensory bottle shaking and finger painting! We introduced new equipment into the room to build those leg muscles and have fun while doing it.

The Super Stars are loving all of the gross motor activities Miss Tiffiny has planned for them. They have been learning about community helpers and exploring this topic through songs, art, math, and science. The new books in the classroom are very exciting to read with new words to learn.

Our Bumblebees are busy this month with lots of art activities, counting, and fun science experiments. Miss Tammy plans on getting outside as often as they can and extending their classroom learning to the outside environment.

All in all we are very excited for this New Year and we cannot wait for all the exciting memories we will be making this year in 2017!!

Happy New Year to all!

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