Happy Spring!

Spring has sprung here at Harmony Child Care Center and the teachers are busy teaching the children about signs of spring, growing flowers and blooming trees.

As we approach warmer weather we tend to have the children outside more exploring and playing in nature. I really can see the progress the children are making as they learn and grow and create friendships.

Miss Rosemarie, in the Infant room, is buys with the babies who have become very independent and on the move. She is engaging them
in many learning activities and art projects.

Miss McKenna, in the Toddler room, is busy teaching numbers, letters and colors and how to recognize the sounds the Spring.

Miss Johanna, in the Preschool room, is teaching the children about growing plants with vegetable seeds and flower seeds and keeping track of their growing process and progress.

With all of this learning I am so proud of where Harmony Child Care Center has started and where we will go next!!

The children are our number one priority and we make this a point in everything we plan and don’t plan throughout the day!!

Happy Spring!!!

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