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Happy February!

Observing our growing center day to day I really enjoy all of the wonderful projects the children get to take part in. A little mess for us at Harmony means a lot of fun has been had! Vacuuming up bird seed, feathers, paper, play dough, and sand just means the children were able to explore something new that day! From the infants splashing water and paint in their own way, to the toddlers creating bird feeders to keep the birds fed this winter, and the preschoolers playing in water that they will freeze and soon investigate how to make it melt makes our program unique because everything is driven by the children’s interests!

Miss Brenna in the Little Stars Room (Infants)

realized some children prefer painting with their feet so she altered her activity to make the children excited and engaged!!

Miss Tiffiny in the Super Stars Room (Toddlers)

created fizzy hearts and had the children explore the bubbling vinegar and baking soda with cookie cutters and their fingers!!

Miss Tammy in the Bumblebees Room (Preschool)

discovered only some children like getting messy so she included paint brushes in her free art activity where the children were encouraged to paint and mix colors and make their own discoveries. They found out blue and yellow make green!!

With all of this learning I am so proud of where Harmony Child Care Center has started and where we will go next!! The children are our number one priority and we make this a point in everything we plan and don’t plan throughout the day!!

Happy Superbowl and Valentines Day!!

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